Why Do You Need to Localize Your Mobile App?

Mobile App Localization

It has been rightly quoted that the world we live in is a “global village”. Thus, when we develop a product we need to look at it from a broader perspective. We have to ensure that our product and the message we intend to have a wide reach actually reaches audiences from all walks of life by using efficient technology.

To communicate with different set of audiences

Let us say you create a mobile application that works very well with all the features required. In terms of functionality and performance, it is excellent but when it comes to communicating your message to different set of audiences, you aren’t doing well. This is a common case with most mobile application developers, as they fail to understand the ethnic and communicational needs of different audiences. This is where localization comes into the

picture. We live in a world where people speak different languages and have different ways of communication. By understanding this phenomenon, professional localization services have to be undertaken in order to cater to the needs of worldwide audiences.
Mobile App downloads are no more limited to a country or region. A person living in any part of the world can have access to your mobile app. Though your app is accessible to everyone worldwide, it may not be user-friendly on a global front. This is where the need for localization arises. In order to target key audiences, localization is a must, be it for iOS or android devices.
Localizing your mobile app is an important criterion for covering a large set of audience across various locations. In order to create greater visibility in the foreign market, your mobile application needs to be launched in several languages.

Companies that localize their apps have seen significant downloads

A recent survey conducted by Distomo proves that companies that localize their mobile apps have seen significant downloads when compared to companies that did not. Mobile app localization is not just a human translation of your application into a few languages targeting people who speak that language. In fact, getting the texts translated and localized in multiple languages is only the first step in the process of localization. Optimizing the design, habits, expressions and ethnic disposition of various set of audiences forms a major part of the localization process.
Translation is the primary task required for the localization of an app and for which Human Translation Services can be used. It is essential that the localization process be done by a professional to ensure users do not encounter any errors in your app usage. The process of localization has to start from translation and thus, you can start by translating into the official language of a country. For instance, the official Indian language is Hindi and if you are looking to localize your app for the Indian Market, you will need to consider adding Hindi as one of the languages.

Choose the languages carefully

When it comes to translating your app into several languages, you need to be very picky when it comes to the languages you choose. Choosing the top most popular languages across the Globe may sound like a great idea, but in order to target customers, you need to think strategically. By that, we mean picking the market carefully, one that has scope for your business.
Also, app developers have to ensure that their mobile app is user-friendly irrespective of any language being used. Aspects such as flexibility of layout, formatting methods, resources used etc. should be taken care of. Making use of translation management systems is an effective way of integrating the app localisation process directly into the app development.
This ensures that developers can emphasize on creation of best features and user experiences. With the help of this technology, localization of apps is automated and thus it eliminates delays which may arise due to translation.

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