Consider These When Selecting App Localization Service Provider

The world of mobile applications has revolutionized tremendously over the past decade. Mobile applications have become a part of our daily lives by assisting us to complete our tasks and objectives in an easier way.

With this significant growth in the world of mobile applications, the number of app developers in the world has also increased. There are millions of app developers for Android, iOS and Windows out there, constantly searching for app building projects. However, one thing some developers miss out on is app localization.

App localization is about manipulating the features (notably the language) of a particular app as per the users of a particular region. It plays a crucial role in increasing the brand value of any app. The basic thumb rule that applies here – the better the app localization, the better chance the app has to succeed in the region it was localized for. Although, most of the app developers right now are aware of app localization, but they are still unable to reach the optimum potential of the app developed by them. This is because of choosing a wrong app localization service provider. However, we, at SAMPRESHAN, have come up with a list of things to consider while choosing an app localization service provider. So, here it goes!


1.      Make sure the provider is a native speaker/citizen

Your localizer must have spent his life as a native speaker of the language you want the app to be localized in.

Although, a non-native localizer could also translate your app, the chances are that this localizer could use phrases/words not usually used or liked by the citizens of the region. Typos are another problem which could be faced while localizing apps from non-native speakers; these tremendously degrade the professional look of the app.

2.      Learn the provider’s resources

Make sure your localizer uses the ideal tools to localize your application. As the app gets localized, the resource files of the app are altered as well. One must always make sure the tools used to localize suit the strings of your app for better flexibility (software updates) in the future.

3.      Ask previous clients for their experience with the provider

Every company wants to sell itself to the customers. However, some companies provide fake reviews of the past customers to increase their sales. Therefore, asking certain clients for their honest reviews on the app localization providers must be an important thing to consider. This practice ensures the genuinity of the service provided by the localizer.

4.      Go for the highest quality

All of us wish to save as much money as possible while investing in anything; the same is true while finding an app localization provider. Though, you might be satisfied by saving a few bucks by getting your app localized from a low-cost provider, but in the long run, you’ll realize that quality is the most important aspect.

5.      Find a provider who promises regular updates

Sometimes, the app localization providers promises to deliver regular updates, but do not keep their words. They fail to provide any kind of updates during the localization process. Always find a provider who will be able to send screenshots or beta testing versions of your app. This helps you to give regular feedback on the vendor’s work and in the end helps you to localize the app as you want it to.


Choosing the right app localization provider is crucial for the successful roll out of the application in any region. We, at SAMPRESHAN, have not only suggested the above list to guide you to select the right provider, but we also promise to deliver the best of services.

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